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Shamanic Spirit Art Purchase Info

Piece       Price       Availability
Balam       Not for sale
Calling Rainbow Stallion   $450   For sale
Coyote Spirit       Sold
Dancing with the Moon   $650   For sale
Spirit Walker   $800   sold
Golden Spirit   $650   Sold
Hunting Spirits    $650    For sale 
Mother of Ravens    $750    sold 
Night Eagle   $800   For sale 
Receive       Sold
Reiki Spirit       Sold
Sacred Space   $1500   For sale 
Smack Down       Sold
Snake Spirit   $450   For sale
Spirit of Hawk       Sold
The Journey       Not for sale
The Standing People       Not for sale
The Unknown One       Not for sale
Usnea Deva       Not for sale
Walking the Path   $800   For sale 
Watching Spirit   $800   For sale 
Wind Spirit       Not for sale
Grandmother Moon   $800   For sale 
Grandmother Earth   $800   sold 
Grandmother Death       sold 
The Healing Journey   $600   sold
Lupus   $600   For sale 
Inner Peace       sold
Wise Woman       sold
A Storm Approaches   $1,500   For sale 
The Gift       sold
Turtle   $1,500   For sale