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Shamanic Healing

Shelley is currently taking a limited number of new individual healing clients at this time and will include an Apprentince in all work with clients with their permission.  We also have other practitioners who can assist as needed. See list of Shamanic Healing Practitioners and Apprentices below.

Shelley Stump is a teacher of ancient wisdom and peer counselor on a lifelong spiritual journey to fulfill soul’s purpose. Her current work is focused on sharing a vision of connectedness and sanctity of all Life by supporting others in their direct experience of loving Spirit. Through teaching Earth-based spiritual practices including ceremonial drum and rattle making, shamanic journey practices, and blessing rituals, and by offering individual shamanic healing sessions, Shelley’s spirit-connected offerings are given with joy and gratitude for Spirit’s guidance in her life.  Shelley has studied for many years with Sandra Ingerman and other teachers from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  She is currently listed on Sandra Ingerman's lists of shamanic healing practitioners and teachers (see and is a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP) (formerly known as the Society for Shamanic Practitioners).

Using various ancient methods of spiritual healing such as soul retrieval, divination, extraction, healing with Spiritual Light, past life work, and counseling, individuals experience a transformative reclamation of their own power and vitality to support their personal healing journey.

Shamanic Healing:  A Basic Perspective

The spiritual healing techniques known as Core Shamanism are ancient indigenous healing practices common to cultures throughout the world.  Healing from a shamanic perspective is healing of the spirit/soul.  Such spiritual healing may or may not affect the emotional and physical manifestations of illness.  A shamanic healer works by “journeying” to non-ordinary reality to ask the assistance of helping spirits in working with the client’s healing.  A shamanic journey is a spiritual experience in which the healer, using the trance inducing qualities of drumming or rattling, travels to the Lower or the Upper World to seek guidance from the healer’s power animals and/or teachers.  These helping spirits can provide many different and creative methods for healing, so gifted shamans work with the creativity of the spirits within the framework of some basic shamanic healing techniques.  These shamanic healing practices have been documented and taught through the work of Michael Harner, Ph.D., Sandra Ingerman, Ph.D. and others associated with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

How is Spiritual Illness Manifested and Diagnosed? 

Spiritual illness can manifest in many ways; the most common are Power Loss, Soul Loss, and Spiritual Intrusions. Initially, the shamanic healer uses a technique called Divination by journeying to his/her own power animal and/or teacher who provides the diagnosis of the cause(s) of the client’s spiritual illness, if any.  The helping spirits also decide whether extraction, soul retrieval, or other techniques are needed and in what order they are to be administered. 


 Power Loss

Definition:  All individuals have helping guardian spirits.  Possession of guardian spirit power is fundamental to health because it provides a power-full body that resists the intrusions of external forces.  The presence of a power animal or guardian spirit increases one’s physical energy, ability to resist contagious disease, and increases one’s mental alertness and self-confidence.  Power loss can occur when a person’s guardian spirit leaves and another does not take its place.

Symptoms:  Power loss can manifest as chronic illness, depression, suicidal tendencies, chronic misfortune, etc.

Healing Techniques: 

Retrieval of Power Animals:  The shaman journeys to seek a Power Animal/Spiritual Ally who is willing to assist the client in reclaiming his/her power. 

Shamanic Counseling:  By training clients to journey for themselves, they learn to reclaim their own power by working with Power Animals/Spiritual Allies and using divination to help answer life questions.


Soul Loss

Definition.  Soul loss is the loss of individual soul essence, lifeforce, vitality.  This loss happens when individuals suffer emotional or physical trauma.  Some causes of soul loss can be accidents, surgery, abuse, war stress, divorce, death of loved one, etc.  Soul loss is not bad.  It is a survival mechanism we use at times of severe trauma.

Symptoms:  The symptoms of soul loss can be very similar to those of power loss.  They include post-traumatic stress syndrome, addictions, searching outside of self to become whole, immune deficiency problems, coma, etc.

Healing Technique:

Soul Retrieval: A shamanic healer following the guidance of a Spiritual Ally tracks lost pieces of the client’s soul and brings them back for reintegration. In indigenous communities, the shaman would perform soul retrieval within 3 days of the traumatic event.  In our culture, such retrieval rarely occurs so quickly; therefore chronic conditions attributable to soul loss often go unrecognized and untreated for many years.  It is important to retrieve lost soul pieces as soon as possible after they have left to ensure the least amount of disruption in the client’s health.  Follow-up healing work by the client and continued contact with the healer are strongly advised to ensure integration of returned soul parts.


Spiritual Intrusions

The void caused in a person’s spiritual essence as a result of a loss of power or soul loss can be filled by a spiritual intrusion.  A spiritual intrusion is misplaced energy that moves into the opening in the body caused by the power or soul loss.  Spiritual intrusions come from the energy of negative thought forms – either from inappropriate expression of emotion or inability to express emotions – that exist all around us.

Symptoms:  Spiritual intrusions can cause health conditions such as chronic pain or illness, heart disease, cancer, neck troubles, chronic depression, etc.

Healing Techniques:

Extraction: Shamans, following the guidance of a Spiritual Ally, extract spiritual intrusions and give them back to the natural world by using water to neutralize the energy of the intrusion.  Once the extraction is complete, the opening created by the removal of the spiritual intrusion is filled with either a Soul Retrieval or Power Animal Retrieval. and/or Healing with Spiritual Light.

Healing with Spiritual Light:

The energy of Divine Spiritual Light is transmitted through Transfiguration and Transmutation (Medicine for the Earth/Healing with Spiritual Light) and may include the use of guided meditation, and healing crystals and stones, to rebuild the person’s energy field/spiritual body so that it is filled, balanced, and renewed with Divine Light.  

 What is the Client’s Role in Shamanic Healing?

Illness, especially spiritual illness, is often an initiation that tests our abilities to follow the guidance of and remain in alignment with Spirit in our lives.  During the healing session, the client's role is to focus on opening her/his heart and receiving the Love of Spirit.  The “cure” is the Love of Spirit given to the client through the shamanic healing technique(s) performed, for example, an extraction followed by a soul retrieval.  More importantly, the “healing” comes from the follow-up self-love required of the client.  True healing requires the client to answer the question “What changes do I need to make in my life to support my ongoing health and well-being?”  The client’s job is to take the time and make the commitment to learn from the lessons experienced during the spiritual illness and to change his/her life where needed to support continuing health.

Long Distance Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing work can be done long distance (i.e., not in person) with the client through the use of Middle World journeys or what is also know as "remote viewing." This power has been a part of classic Shamanism from time immemorial.  The shaman practitioner connects vitutally with the client via telephone or Zoom to meet with the client, to describe the possbilities that may occur during the healing session (e.g., the different shamanic heaing techniques they practitioner my be guided to use), and ask the client what help she/he is seeking in her/his life at that time. The healing session may be recorded as the client prefers. During the healing session, the shamanic practitioner "travels through the MIddle World" with their consciousness to do the healing work with the client in her/his location. After completion of the long distance healing work, the shamanic practitioner tells the client "the healing story" of the work that was done, discusses client "homework" and needed continuing healing practices for the client to engage in, and arranges for follow up sessions as guided/needed. 

Shamanic Healing Services and Fees

Hourly Fee $75.00 by appointment (a sliding scale for fees is available as needed; no one turned away for lack of funds). Donations also accepted.

    • Diagnosis, Divination, Extraction - 1.5 hour session
    • Soul Retrieval (3 sessions) - 1 hour sessions
    • Shamanic Counseling (6 sessions)
    • Psychopomp / Deathwalking - 1 hour sessions
    • Rituals and Ceremonies - time as needed for preparatory consultation, ritual/ceremony, and for Clearings and Blessings the size and location of space

Shamanic Healing Practitioners:

To arrange for a referral for shamanic healing or other shamanic services, you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Other shamanic healing practitioners available are listed below.   Please contact other practitioners directly for more information about their services and fees:

Brittany Shirley www.oneheartmedcine.netThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 503-966-1460 (Portland/Tigard, OR area)

Amy Kelchner, ND  Portland Natural Medicine. 503-239-1022 (Portland/Tigard, OR area)

Rhonda Wright, Shamanic Healer  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Prineville/Bend, OR area)

Jason 'Jay' Morrow This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Taft, CA - Southern California area) Bio: Jason Morrow is the owner and creator of Golden Eagle's Call. He follows a path as a Shamanic Healing Practitioner. He is trained to work with spirit guides to provide compassionate healing for an individual's highest good. Brittany Shirley of One Heart Medicine and Shelley Stump of Coyote Moon were his instructors. Brittany and Shelley are trained by Sandra Ingerman and Betsy Bergstrom. Jason's path has lead him to be in service to all on their healing path. Sessions are open for Adults, Couples, and Veterans. Jason is a SHES ordained Minister, Spiritual Healer, and Earth Steward. He can perform marriages and burials as requested. Availability - Jason's schedule varies widely from week to week. Please be aware of this, he will respond to you as soon as possible concerning your request. 

Jan Boal, RN, CCN, Beaver OR. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tillamook/Beaver/Portland, OR area) Bio: As far back as I can remember I felt a connection to the Earth and the animal kingdom. I just “knew” we were all connected . . . that this was sacred. Over my life span I have researched about various ethnic and spiritual philosophies, studied under teachers of such as well as with scientists studying endangered animals around the globe. My draw to the sacred with deep respect for all things living, seen and unseen, guided me towards Native American teachings. These resonated with me quite powerfully being demonstrated by my visions and messages from the Universe.

For over 20 years I have continued my growth in learning about these spiritual teachings which eventually led me to training to become a Shamanic Apprentice and then Practitioner grounded in a strong foundation of Ancient Healing Knowledge. My strong animal allies and spirit guides have taught, escorted and healed me in my Shamanic journeys. Now, they work through me to help others.

My offerings with my Shamanic practice include:

      • Assisting those in death and dying practice
      • Psychopomp – assisting souls to return to the Light
      • Clearing and healings for land and living/working spaces
      • Ceremony for life’s transitions and passages
      • Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions – removal of intrusive and harmful energy/thought forms
      • Power Animal Retrieval – helping connect people with their Spiritual guides/allies
      • Soul Retrieval – returning life force lost through trauma
      • Individual and group journey sessions for personal growth
      • Facilitating healing retreats for self discovery and empowerment

Giselle (GiGi) Brakeville, Vancouver, WA. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Bio: GiGi has trained and studied in the metaphysical area for many years. Recently she trained under Shamanic Healing Practitioners Shelley Stump and Britany Shirley, based on the teachings of Sandra Ingerman. GiGi has trained under Rita Berkowitz, a psychic/medium and has attended trainings on crystals, spirit protection and investigations. GiGi connects with spirits to heal and perform blessings and clearings. She is in the Abenaki Tribe and uses traditional teaching, honoring her indigenous ancestors.

Shamanic Healing Apprentices:

Shamanic Healing Apprentices have been fully trained in all Shamanic Healing practices and are in the process of gaining experience in working with individual clients. One or more of the Practioners or Apprentices may assist Shelley and/or Brittany with indivdiual healing sessions.  Once Apprentices have gained the requisite experience, they will be listed as Shamanic Healing Practitioners who can work directly with individual clients.

Amy Jarvis, Madras OR Bio: Coming Soon

See Also Ritual and Ceremony and Deathwalking (Psychopomp) for other Shamanic Services


 Shamanic Healing Recommended Reading List/Resources

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Online Resources:


Society for Shamanic Practice: