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Assessment and Evaluation


Assessment and Evaluation are key elements in Continuous Quality Improvement.  If organizations don't know how well they are doing in day-to-day operations, they cannot assess how well they are doing in meeting strategic objectives and achieving long-range goals.  Assessment is a process for ongoing performance monitoring and reporting in the form of data collection to determine effectiveness in meeting strategic objectives.  Evaluation is the review of all assessment indicators to evaluate effectiveness of the overall program and to identify areas for needed adjustment for enhanced improvement in operations.


Ingredient for Success:  Assessment and Evaluation Practices that Provide Real Time Measures of Desired Outcomes


Using a variety of performance assessment practices such as "Balanced Scorecard" and "dashboarding," Ms. Stump assists organizations identify and establish performance monitoring and reporting procedures tied to key outcomes and indicators identified in operational planning actitivies. 


Real time information regarding operational achievements that inform decision-makers (Boards and senior management) regarding areas in need of adjustment or enhancement to better position the organization for achieving its long-range goals and vision.