Drumming & Journey Circles

New Moon Circle – Women’s Support and Journey Circle

Coyote Moon Healing Center’s New Moon Circle is a monthly women’s circle in which we use shamanic journeying as a path to direct revelation for individual spiritual guidance and support for others in the circle. A traditional women's circle known as the "Grandmother's Council" creates a setting in which women reclaim their traditional power and leadership roles as guides for their communities.  In this sacred circle, women learn about and practice shamanic journeying to seek guidance from the Grandmothers of the Eight Directions.  This long-standing traditional ceremony helps women come together to seek guidance from Spirit for themselves, their families, and their communities.  The New Moon Circle is scheduled on the Saturday closest to the new moon each month - a time rich for planting seeds for transformation.

New Moon Circle Ground Rules:  Each woman:

  • Comes to circle ready to share with the group what is happening in her life and how she is actively working with Spirit for guidance
  • Shows respect for all others by being on time for sacred circle 
  • Calls for the talking stick when and as she feels moved to share
  • Honors each woman’s sharing by listening attentively and not speaking during another woman’s turn
  • Makes no comments and gives no feedback unless requested
  • Protects confidentiality of personal information.  (Okay to share with others outside the circle what we have learned for ourselves, but not okay to disclose any information shared by another woman in the circle without her express permission)
  • Asks for and welcomes support and assistance from other circle members as she feels comfortable in moving ahead on her spiritual quest
  • Participates in pot luck dinners to deepen our sharing time and connection
  • Recognizes that through our circle we are forming a community and contributes as she can to material support for the community as she is able (e.g., donating teas, candles, etc.)

New Moon Circle Leaders: 

  • Teacher of Ancient Wisdom Shelley Stump This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Shaman’s Apprenctice: Shannon Ayers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dancing the Medicine Wheel


The Native American concept of the Medicine Wheel symbolically represents the cycle/circle of Life. Each point on the wheel offers lessons and gifts that support the development of a balanced individual. The idea is to remain balanced at the center of the wheel while developing equally the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Many Native traditions involve the placing of stones on the Earth to mark the positions of the Wheel -- all which hold meanings and associations with the animal world, the seasons, the elements, the stone people, colors, sacred plants, stages of life, and aspects of our humanity.  As our circles unfold, we will work together to build a stone Medicine Wheel over time.  More information will be shared at each circle to help deepen our understanding of different Medicine Wheel traditions and our personal connection with the Medicine Wheel. 

Coyote Moon Healing Center Dancing the Medicine Wheel Circle

In the Coyote Moon "Dancing the Medicine Wheel" circle, we come together to work on building and/or maintaining the Medicine Wheel, and we reflect on the "Moon" (month) in which we meet and it's meaning for our lives.  We also complete a guided meditation/ journey to the Spirit Path Direction of that Moon for additional guidance and healing in our lives. The resources we use in learning about the power and meaning of the Medicine Wheel include:

    1. Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Wyoming
    2. Spirit of the Wheel
    3. The Sun Bear Medicine Wheel
    4. Additional resources as identified

Participants:  The Dancing the Medicine Wheel circle is open to men, women and children.  Bring your own drum/rattle as you feel called.  And come ready to share your own life experience and support that of others as we "Dance the Wheel" through this next year.

Structure/Timing of Dancing the Medicine Wheel Circles: We gather on the last Saturday of each month from 1:00 to 3:00 pm; 2017 scheduled dates are listed on the Coyote Moon Calendar of Events.  


Seasonal Celebrations: Community Solstice/Equinox Drumming Circles

We honor Mother Earth and the cycles of Nature as we come together March, June, September, and December each year to celebrate the transition of the seasons.  Each Solstice/Equinox celebration is focused on the traditional meaning of the season we are entering.  Check the Calendar of Events for the exact date of each seasonal celebration.




 Spring Equinox – March – mid-point between Winter and Summer Solstices - time of planting seeds for new growth









 Summer Solstice – June – longest day of light of the year in the Northern Hemisphere - time for celebrating warmth and light in all its forms




Autumn Equinox – September – mid-point between Summer and Winter Solistices - time for celebrating Harvest in our lives






Winter Solstice – December – shortest day of light of the year in the Northern Hemisphere - time for honoring introspection, rest and renewal and celebrating the return of the Light as the days begin to grow longer.


Solistice/Equinox Celebration Circle Leaders:

Rotating Community Leadership: Members of the Coyote Moon Healing Center Community volunteer to lead each quarterly Solstice/Equinox Celebration. Those who volunteer to assist in leading seasonal celebrations will attend at least one preparatory planning session to design the program for the event and will be responsible to help with set up and tear down at the actual celebration.  We encourage all to get involved in helping with a seasonal celebration as a way to deepen connection with Mother Earth and the Cycles of Nature.