Drum & Rattle Making

Drums and rattles are ancient, sacred healing tools.  In making your own drum or rattle, you connect with Spirit through the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  Workshops can be arranged for groups of any size in making handheld single-headed drums, ceremonial two-headed drums, or individual rattles.  For drum making, pre-registration with non-refundable deposit for materials (based on types of hide and rim) is required.  We create drum and rattle making workshop flyers for scheduled events that includes descriptions of the workshop times, location, cost, supplies and directions; the medicine of the animal hide and rim choices, and pre-registration deposit form.



Drum Making Workshops

Connect with Spirit to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  Make your own drum (hand-held or ceremonial) and/or rattle to deepen and strengthen your journey to the Intuitive.  The Grandmothers are beckoning for us to return to Heart.  Join together with gratitude to celebrate the gift of Spirit in our lives.  We Are All Connected. In crafting our drums in traditional ways, we work with the hide of Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Horse, or Moose and use sacred Willow Oak, Maple or Red Cedar rims.  All materials for the drums are handled in a sacred manner in gratitude for the gifts of the animals and plants who have given themselves to help us connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

Let the Spirit of the energy you need in your life guide your hide and rim choices.  (This list is subject to change based on availability of hides from suppliers. Hides listed below are also available for rattle making.)

Animal Hide Medicines 

                • Buffalo medicine offers abundance and support for all life
                • Deer medicine brings gentleness, innocence, and a loving heart
                • Elk medicine supports strength, stamina, and personal power
                • Horse medicine helps us access and use our spiritual power in wisdom and balance.
                • Moose medicine helps us embrace and heal our self-esteem

Drum Rims -- Gifts of the Tree People

                • Willow Oak gives energies of harvest, healing, and connections with the rhythms of life
                • Cedar gives energies of purification, renewal, and connects with mystic visions
                • Maple gives the wisdom of living in balance with the natural world


Drum Making Workshop Structure

Day 1 – Drum Creation (6-7 hours): 

In sacred circle, cut out drum head from raw hide, punch drum head holes, lace drum head, form drum handle, and create drum beater.  (Participants bring brown bag lunch).

Day 2 – Drum Voice Initiation (1 hour): 

In sacred circle, initiate the voice of your healing drum. (24 hrs after drum is completed and hide has dried).

What to Bring to the Drum Making Workshop:

  • Your Beautiful Heart
  • Blanket/Pillow and/or Yard Chair to sit on
  • Brown-Bag Lunch, Snacks & Drinks (this is NOT a potluck and No alcohol please)
  • Whatever you need to take care of yourself throughout the day.


Hand-held Drum Making Price List (prices subject to change without notice)

The cost of the hand-held drum is based on the rim size and hide type.  Rim size available by type only where size in inches is listed.  Costs include cost of materials for drum and drum beater and teacher’s time.

Animal Hide Type:







                                   Rim Type and Size:



Willow Oak**

Yellow Cedar

8 sided Red Cedar

16 sided

Red Cedar







$ 125*






$ 130*






$ 140*






$ 150*


 *Add an additional $65.00 for the cost of Buffalo or Moose drum.             

** Small Willow Oak rims in 8” and 10” sizes may also be available.


Ceremonial Two Headed Drum: 

Create a large (28" diameter) ceremonial drum for group gatherings.  Working together, groups create a large, two-headed ceremonial drum and four beaters.  This "Mother Drum" helps to ground and support all who are touched by the sound of the drum, helping them live in balance and alignment with Spirit – in Love and Light.  In making the drum, we work in sacred circle with gratitude for the gifts of the animals and the tree people.  In return for these gifts we will give form through our prayers to the energies of their medicine.  In advance of the workshop, the group or workshop sponsor selects from the list of Animal Hides (above) the type of hide for each drum head -- the Earth side and the Universe side -- as well has the lacing that holds the two together.  Different hides can be used for heads and lacing or the same hide can be used in all parts of the drum.  The group experience in creating a ceremonial drum is profound and creates a strong sense of community and support in group members.  (NOTE:  The standard cross-bar drum stand is different than the custom stand shown in photo.)

The Total Cost for a Ceremonial Drum Making Workshop depends on the cost of hides selected.  Estimated cost for workshop, including materials (rim, hide(s), drum beaters and stand), and teacher's and assistants' time is $1,200.00. 


Rattle Making Workshops

Working with medicine of the Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Horse or Moose hides, we craft rattles for ceremonial and healing use.  Rattles are found in cultures all over the world and are used much like sacred sage, cedar and other clearing herbs to break up and clear negative energies and bring positive energies to surround and lift us up spiritually.  Isn’t in interesting, that even in the dominant Western culture that, for the most part, has lost touch with it’s indigenous heritage, the first gift we still give newborn babies are rattles?

Rattle making workshops can be organized and rattle making workshop flyers will be created upon request similar to drum making workshops. 


Rattle Making Workshop Structure

Day 1 – Rattle Creation (4 hours): 

Cut out rattle head from raw hide, punch rattle head holes, lace rattle, stuff with fiberfill to create full rattle shape. 

Day 2Rattle Voice Initiation (1 hour):

Remove fiberfill stuffing, add noise makers of your choice (seeds, corn, beans, stone, popcorn, etc.) to rattle, add final closure wrap and initiate voice of the rattle.  (24 hrs after rattle is completed and hide has dried)

Rattle Making Cost

Cost:  $25 which covers cost of materials, teacher's and assistants' time.


Currently Scheduled Drum and Rattle Making Workshops

Check our Calendar of Events for dates of currently scheduled drum and rattle making workshops.  


To Arrange a Workshop

To arrange hand-held and ceremonial drum making and rattle making workshops, contact Shelley Stump This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Drum & Rattle Making Workshop Leaders

Shelley Stump, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom (center)

Sharon Francis, Drum/Rattle Making Assistant (left)

Rhonda Wright, Drum/Rattle Making Assistant (right)
Dodie Gillespie, Drum/Rattle Making Assistant (not pictured)