Earth Energy Medicine (Gemstone Healing)

Earth Energy Medicine:

Healing with Gemstones

Group Classes and Individual Sessions


Earth Energy Medicine - Gemstone Healing group classes and individual gemstone healing sessions will be offered periodically at Coyote Moon Healing Center.  

During these classes, we will explore the basics and effective techniques of gemstone energy medicine, and experience therapeutic gemstones during self-treatments to clear, align and offer pain relief for our bodies. We will also learn about energy clearing techniques and sustainable practices to care for our environments, our loved ones and our pets. We will drink in nourishing Aquamarine water which is referred to as the fountain of youth and vitality.

We will be doing some gentle movement and breathing exercises as well to help integrate and anchor in the clearing we do in these classes. Please wear natural fiber clothing, reframe from perfumes and come cleansed and ready to connect with your greatest potential in a clear, comfortable and caring space for healing and uplifting.

These classes are open to men, women and mature children.  The learning we receive in these classes builds from class to class but all classes are open to people of all experience levels with Gemstone Medicine unless otherwise noted.


    • Saturdays closest to the Full Moon - Group Earth Energy Medicine Class Dates are announced in the Calendar of Events
    • All group classes are from 12:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Cost: $30 per class (sliding scale)~ Space Limited

TO REGISTER:  Email Star at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Star at 503.939.0095 to reserve your spot.

Earth Energy Medicine Practitioner and Gemstone Healer:  Tayna "Star" Weitman , Founder and Lead Consultant of StarConserve LLC has many credentials and interests. StarConserve now focuses its core competencies in the sensitive areas of restoration of water and natural resources, by applying ancient principles of Geomancy and Earth energy wisdom to ensure site health and optimal energy flow. In addition to her extensive construction experience, Star brings passion, integrity, and a diverse knowledge of Earth Energy Medicine, including Gemstone Energy Medicine, Reiki, and Environmental Feng Shui as a catalyst supporting individuals and groups on their personal healing journeys.